Service Opportunities:

  -First Impressions Team: Dedicated to setting up a  friendly, welcoming atmosphere from the parking lot  to the pulpit each Sunday morning.

  -Youth Ministry: To challenge and teach students  how to love God, love others, and be  "Salt & Light"  wherever they are.

 -Summit Kids: To teach our children (ages 5 thru 12)  God's Word and promises using engaging skits,  stories, videos, games, crafts and songs. 

  -Tech Team: To extend the reach of the church  through the updating, maintaining, and improving of  various media while also providing technical support  for worship and church events.

  -Worship Team: To provide an atmosphere of  worship where the congregation can freely praise  God on Sunday mornings. Must be willing to audition  and attend practices.

 -Fellowship Team: To minister through providing  meals for special occasions, hospital visitation,  church decor, flowers and meals for the bereaved. 

 -Men's Prayer: To provide prayer for the needs of the  church membership and guests; and to give praise for  what God is doing and has done. 

 For more information regarding teams and how to  join/help them please contact Pastor Stan Bricker  @ 406-839-7876

Our First Impressions Team